Year: 2014

Opinion – A Common Pain

By Cyll Duncan I opened up FB recently to read that a guy I knew had committed suicide. I had spoken to him at BootCo and more so by FB whenever I saw a status he posted that worried me. […]

Opinion – Keeping An Eye Out

It is always disturbing to read or hear about someone, somewhere taking their own life because things in life have become so unbearable. It is even more so when the person concerned is “one of our own” – that is, […]

From The President – April 2014

Brothers, Wow – The Boot Company was a big night for us. I thought that going up against Mardi Gras would see smaller numbers but how wrong I was. It was our biggest night yet, surpassing even last years Corium. […]

Opinion – Honour

In the (abbreviated) ten commandments, we are taught to “Honour your father and your mother”, and this is very good advice, especially if you have understanding and accepting parents. A bit tricky though, for those whose parents dis-owned them upon […]

From The President – March 2014

Brothers, It has come to my attention that a few of our members have been having some health issues. Firstly my best wishes for their return to full health and secondly, If you are one of these people and there […]

Opinion – Summer Sizzles

Well, here we are again in the middle of summer, the season of swimming, barbecues and sunburn.  And boy! Didn’t “Hot Summer Nights” sizzle! What a great night, and if you weren’t there, then you really missed out.

Feature – MQL – Wired And Looking

I read an article on homelessness in the LGBT community in San Francisco today. It centered on a couple who live day to day on couches and in the park and the trials they face, including meth addiction.

From The President – February 2014

Brothers, 2013 is gone and another year rushes in to fill the void. I can’t believe January is already gone and February just around the corner. It’s been a busy time for BootCo. in the space of a month!

News – Fisting Event Round Up 2014

Wow – the Fisting 101 workshop was huge. Thanks to all those that attended – we know it was hot in that space with everyone crammed in, but from the feedback I have heard it was certainly worth it.

Opinion – MQL – I Love Christmas

I love Christmas. Its a magical time of year however it can mean family members staying at your place for a few days. For your average sexually adventurous leather man this can be a worry, a big worry.  I mean, […]

From The President – January 2014

Brothers, I’d like to take this opportunity to wish all of you a happy and safe festive period over Christmas and New Year. 2013 has been a big year for BootCo. and I think 2014 will be even bigger! I […]

Opinion – Friendship And Relationships

Here’s one for you – what’s the difference between a friendship and a relationship?  “Ah, that’s easy” I hear you say.  “A relationship usually involves sex in some form or another.”  But does it really?

News – BootCo. Brisbane Community Grants 2014

Brisbane’s long running men’s club The BootCo. recently presented $6000 to various GLBTI community organisation to continue their great work. Running as a not for profit by a volunteer committee, BootCo. raises funds from charging entry to it’s pub night, […]