I love Christmas. Its a magical time of year however it can mean family members staying at your place for a few days. For your average sexually adventurous leather man this can be a worry, a big worry.  I mean, what if they open the wrong drawer in the wrong cupboard? There is nothing worse then spending the whole festive season on edge that your mum is going to walk out into the lounge, holding a butt plug, asking you where you got this funky door stop from. I have had some moments which are funny now, but at the time…

For those of us whose spare bedroom also doubles as a play room, my biggest piece of advice is to check beneath the bed for anything you may have left under there in the heat of the moment. For some strange reasons parents always seem to look under there, for dust bunnies maybe. I once forgot about a pair of leather restraints that had fallen down behind the bed head that were still attached via some very intricate rope-work I was proud of. God knows why my dad looked under the bed.. but he did 🙁

The other smart tip is to put your amyl, sorry leather cleaner, in a very safe place. Unless you want it to be mistaken for essential oils and put into an oil burner that is. Lastly, having a screensaver on your Apple TV that links into the various photo albums on your Macbook is fucking hot when trade comes over, not hot when your great aunt is over.

On a serious note,  I just want to finish off by saying thanks to our members, volunteers, fellow committee members and our President Anthony Smith for all the work they do to make our events really amazing. This year has been a blast, that we could raise $6000 for our community while having a heap of very fun shows just how strong a group we are. I love you all and look forward to fucking amazing 2014.

Cyll Duncan
Mr Queensland Leather 2013