Lucrezia and De Sade is a proud sponsor of BootCo,
they provide a comprehensive and diverse collections of quality fetish products in Australia with a lot of their stock designed and manufactured right on the premises in Fitzroy, Melbourne.

Lucrezia and De Sade even provides BootCo with a voucher prize for every den night’s “Hottest Look” winner.

Check out their website below.
[Lucrezia and De Sade]

Sporties is the home of BootCo’s monthly den nights, and a proud sponsor of BootCo, they are a LGBTQ bar situated in Spring Hill and call themselves the gay meeting place of Brisbane.

Sporties has hosted a history of events for BootCo, and have always provided us with a safe & welcoming space.

Check out of their website below.
[The Sportsman Hotel]

No Mercy Gear has been a sponsor of BootCo since 2018, they are a fetish shop that provide a range of branded and handcrafted products for the right play.

No Mercy Gear is always willing to put their hand up when it comes to sponsoring events.

Check out their website below.
[No Mercy Gear]

Haslam Consulting & Accounting are a trusted source of providing a range of taxation and business consultancy services.

They are proudly considered small business experts and provide BootCo with a superb accounting service.

Check out their website below.
[Haslam Consulting & Accounting]

We’d also like to thank all the amazing businesses, charities & communities that have helped us in the past

Are you a business, charity or passionate community member that would like to sponsor Brisbane’s longest running leather club?
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