2020 BootCo Events

Hey guys, I know a few of you are wondering what is coming up in 2020 for Bootco pub nights. Next year we will be moving away from monthly themes, instead, we will have five nights with dress codes based […]

From The President – July

by Cyll Duncan From The President:  When I took on the role of President one of the commitments I made was to build up our pub nights and make them ‘the place to be’. I am excited how we have gone […]

Harnesses As Flagging

by Bruce Jones (Queensland Leather Daddy 2016, 2018) Gladiator, bulldog, chest, pitbull, leg/thigh and crossbody (or British) are all styles of harness that all of us would readily recognise or wear. Nowadays, even a Sam Brown is regarded and worn […]

Queensland Leather Boy 2019 Now Open

Have you ever wanted to represent BootCo as the Queensland Leather Boy? Once simply being a title, recent years competitors have elevated the role of QLB to reprsent the BootCo community both here, nationally and internationally. The competition for 2019 […]

Meet The New 2019 Commitee

The newly elected committee are committed to increasing the value of the club to its members and focusing on our regular events and the upcoming Leather Festival. Cyll Duncan in his closing speech said “…he wants members to feel that […]

BootCo 2019/2020 Committee

Welcome to the 2019/20 Committee  President: Cyll Duncan – MQL 2013Vice President: Bruce Jones – Leather Daddy 2016 & 2018Secretary: Scott Maxwell Treasurer: Benjamin Bullivant – MQL 2016 General Committee:Chris Dadson Steve Kells Brendan J osey Matthew Stevens  The next edition of the Members Newsletter will […]

BootCo Presents: Hood & Harness – June

Some men like hoods, some men like a harness. Some men like both! BootCo is proud to present their next pub night – Hoods and Harness. Come along, wear your favourite and spend some time with the BootCo men as […]

President’s Report – Cyll Duncan

I remember the first time I walked down the stairs at Sporties to Bootco, I wore the basic denim jeans and a black T-Shirt as I didn’t really own any leather. I was so scared of being treated like a […]

BootCo AGM 2019

The BootCo Annual General Meeting is almost here, taking place on May 4 at 6:30pm sharp. Now is the chance to step up and have your say, a chance to be involved in BootCo, the historic Brisbane men’s leather club. […]

The Show Must Go On

The energy in the air is palpable and the joy is shared by everybody. Submersed in a sea of near naked bodies of every shape and kind and every expression of love.  Relentless waves of glitter, boa feathers pound my […]

QLD Leather at Mardi Gras

The crowd swelled, pressing closer to the person next to me. Then someone shouted, “Wrists Up!!!” Instinctively we all shot our hand straight up into the air. This was it. We were inside the marshalling area, a sea of coloured glittering faces spilled out across the greens of Hyde Park.

35 Do’s and Don’ts of A Leather Bar

Ever been to a leather bar in America? While the culture is a little different from here in Australia (laws on what can go on in a bar with a liquor license is far more relaxed in the US and UK), some things are exactly the same.

The BootCo 2018 AGM May 5th

The BootCo 2018 AGM will be held on May 5th & is open to all FINANCIAL members. No new membership applications will be accepted at the door.  When: Doors open at 6:00 to register any proxy forms. Doors shut & […]