by Cyll Duncan

From The President: 

When I took on the role of President one of the commitments I made was to build up our pub nights and make them ‘the place to be’. I am excited how we have gone so far, both nights packed with guys in their gear having a great time. I want to thank everyone for making these such a success.

One of the things we have focused on is the different themes each month of the year. For 2020 we are making some fairly big changes with a mix of themed nights with an accessible dress code, and pub nights where we encourage you to wear your gear but without a dress code.

The year will look like this, January, March, April, June, August, November and December will be ‘The BootCo in the Bunker’. We want you to wear your gear, display the kink/fetish you want and have fun with like-minded guys. We will not have a dress code or theme.  We will still run some of our most popular competitions (like best uniform or wet speedo) with sponsors and prizes. 

We will have five themed nights, these will be about the gear and the atmosphere. We will have a dress code in place depending on the night. These nights will be sponsored, and we will have competitions with prizes and other events. 

  • February will be ‘Stomp’ which is all about boots and looking sexy in them.
  • May will be ‘Hoods and Harness’ so get your slave, pup or gimp hood and your favourite harness out.
  • July is ‘Hell for Leather’ where we celebrate motorcycle and leather culture and gear.
  • September is ‘Tom’s Bar’, our salute to Tom of Finland and the first event of Leather Festival.
  • It is getting warm in October so its time to strip down to your jocks for Jocktober.

For the first four nights we want you to wear your gear, leather, rubber, uniform, neoprene or latex. If you don’t have any (yet) then the minimum dress will be jeans, boots and a T-shirt (black/white or kink themed). 

For Jocktober its simple, you must be in jocks. This can be a jockstrap or other underwear and if you feel more comfortable in a shirt that’s fine, but the pants must come off.

The dress code is about striking a balance between making it inclusive and about making sure the atmosphere is right. I would never want to have something in place that makes it difficult to attend and I believe having the mix of theme nights and regular pub nights will solve for that.

I, and the committee, are confident we are on the right track towards putting on nights that mean something and are not just a catchphrase on a poster. We believe we are going to put on great events no matter the month and we would love your support. I would love any feedback you may have, either see me at a BootCo event or message me via the Contact us option on our website.

In leather 

Cyll Duncan