I read an article on homelessness in the LGBT community in San Francisco today. It centered on a couple who live day to day on couches and in the park and the trials they face, including meth addiction.

It got me thinking how much that drug fucks with our community and how widespread it is. I work out early in the morning so am used to Scruff messages from ‘wired and looking’, so I didn’t really pay much attention last year when I was traveling and got the same messages in London, Paris, Rome, San Francisco. Same kind of profile, same grainy pics, same kind of urgent desperation to hook up.

It really brings me down to think of how many great guys are caught in a vicious circle of using and crashing all over the world. I think that we tend to be more tolerant of drug use and think of it as a part of the ‘scene’ but what about when it is wrecking the scene? What about when it is wrecking people?

I know the pain it can bring and how difficult it is to stop, to change and to move on. Trust me, it’s fucking hard and you lose a lot on the way. So why do it in the first place? I don’t believe the connection people talk about that they feel when fucking on the drug is real. Better to just be yourself and truly connect with someone.

I guess what I am saying is look after yourself guys, and help each other. If you have a friend who you are concerned about then give the number for the Alcohol and Drug Service (1800 177 833). I know this is a bit of a serious article from me but it’s out of love… See you at Restraint guys…

Cyll Duncan
Mr Queensland Leather 2013