One thing a lot of you probably don’t know about me is that I am a bit of a romantic, so I figured that our weekend away at The Hideaway was a great chance to propose to Andy. At a nice restaurant I slid the ring across the table and he said yes. We have come a long way since we first met in July 2009 at, I am proud to say, a BootCo. pub night.

The month before I was on the cover of a local magazine for Corium, Andy had picked up a copy and liked what he saw (thank you Photoshop!). He happened to be at the next pub night and plucked up the courage to come and talk to me, although we didn’t chat for long that night, we kept in touch over Facebook for the next year or so and I always enjoyed talking to him.

Fast forward to June 2010 and I had a lot of things going wrong for me. I didn’t look like the cover boy anymore and so had withdrawn quite a bit. Even thought I was scared he was going to just turn around and leave I invited Andy around one evening, it was great. We spent about 2-3 hours chatting, I felt really comfortable with him and could have spent forever lying together on the couch. I have never been a huge believer in the whole concept of someone being ‘the one’, but I really felt something was there.

Andy stayed in my life throughout this chaotic time and when I got things back together, by the beginning of 2011 he had moved into my place and become a central part of my life. I am definitely not an expert on relationships but I believe ours has worked cause we have never forced things and we both believe balance is important, balance in terms of kink/non kink as well as time together and apart.

I have never been as happy as when I am with Andy and you can bet I am so glad that he came up and said hello that night at Bootco. I suppose if there is a moral or whatever to this, it is to not be afraid to say hi to someone – you never know where it might lead…

Cyll Duncan
Mr Queensland Leather 2013