It has come to my attention that a few of our members have been having some health issues. Firstly my best wishes for their return to full health and secondly, If you are one of these people and there is something we can help you with please let us know.

February was a great month for BootCo. Restraint saw huge numbers through the door, the breaking in of our new cage funded partly through a generous donation by Pup Comet (also known as Pup Ben!) who has also given BootCo. the funds to purchase two lovely new floggers for the Dungeon space.

February also saw the start of our Peg-A-Sub fundraiser, with poor Mr Queensland Leather Cyll Duncan having a large amount of pegs pulled off him (also known as a zipper) in the name of fundraising. This tradition will continue I’m sure.

Myself and Sym were also invited to perform a show for the Buck Angel tour in front of the man himself! We were very excited to put on an electro show and the crowd loved it. Big thanks to Sym for being such a good electro bunny!

March is all about Boots and Leather, while Sydney is celebrating MardiGras, we will be celebrating leather loving and kinky fun. Come along and get your boots shined by our enthusiastic Boot Black, wear your leather and enjoy the night.

Don’t forget the BootCo. AGM is not far away, and we are currently scouring our Constitution to see if there is anything that needs updating. If you have any suggestions, ideas or thoughts on the matter please let us know.

Above all, have fun and stay safe brothers!

Anthony Smith
President of BootCo.