Hello Brothers.

Firstly it’s been a crazy month. Between all the events, life difficulties and challenges I’ve managed to keep one foot in front of the other. Lately it feels like there is very little time between anything and I’m missing down time, things have been non stop since March. This issue is very late just because things have been so hectic it’s been hard to find the time to put this together – which leads to the next topic of discussion.

After a chat with the BootCo. committee it was decided that the Corium magazine you are reading right now is going to make the change from being a monthly magazine to a quarterly journal. This is to try and scrounge some precious time back, as well as trying to concentrate on getting content up on the website and keep that fresh. There will be monthly email’s just like usual with all the info you need in them.

America was an amazing experience – full of highs and lows, challenges and joys. Both 13 and Max did very well in representing our little club out in the big world of USA Leather and I think both made long lasting friendships and connections. It certainly was not a holiday as the competition was intense and trying for both – as well as physically exhausting for all of us. When we got there I think it dawned on us just how seriously they take the competition (speech writers, coaches, etc.) but also how little we knew about what to expect. Hopefully we can take this knowledge and use it to help future BootCo. competitors.

What did surprise me was how impressed people were when we talked about BootCo. as many people were jaded by some of the leather scene in their towns, or just couldn’t find one to be part of. I was also surprised at the lack of ‘kink’ at IML. Sure you could buy whips in the Leather Market, but no one was doing anything… anything public anyway. I’m sure things happened away behind closed doors but otherwise it seemed.. barren.

We have had events galore since the last time I wrote in this. Attention went very well, with good attendance and a fun night, as always it’s great to see so many people get into the spirit and wear their gear. The 25th Leather Dinner features prominently in this issue, as it was a major milestone not only for the club but also for a few members. While not mentioned the Leather Flea Market went over swimingly raising almost $1000 (more details on that soon when the dust settles). And in a few days it’s all starting up again with Hell For Leather… phew.

That’s without even mentioning Corium looming on the horizon, which we have narrowed down to considering for two venues – Number 29 and Fetish Empire (where it was last year). We have listened to our members and we will make sure there is far less talking this year and for things to run faster. If you are thinking of entering Mr Queensland leather 2015 or Leather Boy 2015 let me know – the forms are almost ready.

So from this issue onwards Corium magazine will be delivered to your members email every three months. You’ll still have to put up with my ramblings between then however.

See you at Hell For Leather

Anthony Smith
President of BootCo.