MQL 2015 Title Year Journey

As it is coming to the end of my year as Mr Queensland Leather, I can look back at my year with pride, amusement and enjoyment. The title year started out with me finding my feet and deciding how I […]

News – BootCo. Pride Festival 2015

A contingency of BootCo. boys marched in the Pride Fair Rally on September 19. Marching from Ann St. to New Farm Park, we were strategically placed near those sexy men in their uniforms (The Police and EMS who were allowed […]

From the President – July 2015

Hello Brothers. Firstly it’s been a crazy month. Between all the events, life difficulties and challenges I’ve managed to keep one foot in front of the other. Lately it feels like there is very little time between anything and I’m […]

News – Leather Dinner 2015 Wrap Up

By 13 Leather was the dress code on the 13th June as BootCo. celebrated its 25th anniversary at their annual Leather Dinner. Guests enjoyed a great food, good company and lots of fun was had with the slave auction, witnessed […]

Opinion – Leather Dinner Virgin

By Richard Frasier Being a newcomer to BootCo. and its community I am keen to share with you all my impressions of last Saturday night’s Leather Dinner and also take the opportunity reflect on my experiences in the community over […]

From The President – April 2015

It’s been an interesting month. My prediction of turbulence has panned out to be correct, 2015 is indeed being a troublesome year. But with each low comes a high and I’m hopeful that things will pan out.

From The President – March 2015

Hello Brothers, I can’t help but feel 2015 is going to be a turbulent year. It’s not even a full month in and already I have seen long term friendships and relationships in a state of flux and change.

From The President – January 2015

Hello Brothers, As I was putting together the BootCo. Newsletter for our members, I had a bit of a moment. VOL. 25 – No.1. That really struck me hard as I changed the number over to start a new year […]