Brothers we all know how bullying can hurt and affect individuals and cause people to have pain from childhood, to what they experience in their adult life. Let’s be clear. We can all agree that bullying and harassment is wrong, but so is the spreading of rumor and gossip with individuals own spin. It is nothing more than another form of bullying and isolation, and this is just as wrong as the notion of bullying.

If you do not know the facts or are happy to repeat something or anything without the knowledge then you are just as bad. Our community should be based on love and respect, however there are those who are happy to talk this up, but as soon as some juicy gossip comes along they are happy to spread the fungus of rumor and gossip. Because that is all it is, a fungus that is left to fester and grow, and only causes grief for those who are being talked about or black washed by members of our community without both fact or knowledge.

It still amazes me how quickly those who have faced the horrors of what bullying can do, are eager to do it back to others in a more spiteful way, and this goes hand in hand with tall poppy syndrome. If you do not like something, get off your ass and do it, or make change. Don’t sit there and bitch and whinge at others, because the hurtful and hateful things you express always get back, even if it wasn’t as hurtful as you said. Gossip is a disease that spreads hatred among friends.

So think next time you hear something about someone else and ask yourself is it true, what are the facts and is it really any of my business?

Brothers, for many of us, this community is the only family we have and we should be looking not only after ourselves but also each other.

Yours In Leather

Benjamin Bullivant
BootCo. Treasure