Leather journey

– by Joshua Hart

One of my earliest memories is from around the age of 11 and, coming from a larger family of 5 siblings, it was my task to clean all our school shoes each night. There was something about the smell of the leather, the smell of the polish and the smell of feet that both intrigued and appealed to me. I learnt how to ‘spit and polish’ and took great pride in buffing the shoes to a high finish.

From this early age I was always attracted to men in leather: the look; the feel; the smell. When I was 16 I went out with a biker who was in his twenties. Riding pillion, arms wrapped around his waist and my head buried in the back of his leather jacket was the ultimate and making out on his bike was heaven.

However, I really didn’t start to explore my leather and fetish side until I met my partner in 1993. From there it has been a journey for both us discovering and exploring our ‘darker’ sides together.
Then, it wasn’t until we moved to Brisbane in 2002 from central Queensland, and joined Boot Co., that we were able to immerse ourselves and, establish ourselves, within the leather community.

My leather journey continues to this day and will do until my time on this earth comes to a close.