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Mister Queensland Leather – Then and Now

– by Frank Croucher

Thinking back over the years since I won the title of Mr Queensland Leather back in 1999, it’s gratifying to see firstly, that the competition is still going strong, and secondly, how it has developed and matured in those intervening years.

For starters, I think it is fair to say that the comp is a bit more raunchy now than it was then, and this is to be expected as Boot Co. moves with the times.  The basic spirit of MQL however still lives on – that is to say, MQL is not a beauty contest; never has been and never will be.  This by no means implies that MQL contestants are not attractive men, it’s just that MQL is so much more than just pulling on some leather and strutting your stuff.

MQL is still the main means of promoting the leather community within Brisbane’s gay (I hate the word “queer”) arena, along with the general community supportive work that BootCo undertakes.  This latter aspect takes the form of the community grants given out by BootCo each year to support various not-for-profit groups within the wider gay community.

Contestants vying for the title of Mr Queensland Leather therefore need to have a sound general knowledge of the many aspects of community life – this will enable the winner to represent BootCo and what it stands for in the many facets of our diverse community.

As to the competition itself – all the basic aspects are still there, from “formal” type wear to expressing one’s “kink” and through to minimal (this being completely open to the individual’s own interpretation).  In addition, panel interviews and the ability to speak publicly are taken into account.  It is important that a title holder be able to easily communicate with both media and community groups.

MQL is a great competition, and I would commend it to anyone who might be even remotely thinking of entering.  It is a character-building experience, and enables the winner to be an ambassador for the club to the wider gay community.

So, at the end of the day, there is little overall change to the competition itself.  What has changed is for a more diverse representation of BootCo membership to compete for the title. Oh, and the prizes are great too, just in case you need a little more incentive!

I look forward to attending MQL 2017, and urge you all to get behind your club and support this most worthy cause.  Let’s face it, if I can win it, then anybody can!  And in case you can’t place who I am, I’m the old fart who used to spend quite a bit of time on the door with Nathan, OK?