Men and Boys of Queensland, entries for the 2016 Mr Queensland Leather and Queensland Leatherboy competitions are now open. Be a part of our local history, and wear your colours with pride!

QLB Form

MQL Form:


A message from our current QLB – Tim Roberts:

In the past year I have had the opportunity to engage with Australia’s leather community and our local LGBT community in new ways, and have been able to share my story and our history at local and national level events. As many of you know, MQL David Eisentraut joined a select group of BootCo members who have competed internationally at the IML competition in Chicago, very much supported by our local leather community.

Being a titleholder for our Club is a lot more than ribbon cutting and photo opportunities. It is a chance for you to champion your own cause, to share a bit of your experiences and personal story with your brothers, and to better our community. My journey as a titleholder won’t stop the night I congratulate the 2016 Queensland Leatherboy – there is still much to be done on a range of issues that affect our community.

An important note to those wishing to enter in the Leatherboy competition: the term “boy” is not age-restrictive, that is, any person who identifies as a boy (whether you be 18 or 98) may enter the competition. Age is merely a number; your outlook on life, personality, and enthusiasm is what we want to see.

I thoroughly encourage every one of you to consider entering in this year’s MQL or QLB competition. If you have any questions about the competition or the duties of a titleholder, please don’t hesitate to contact myself, David, a former titleholder you know, or a member of the current BootCo Committee. Entries close on 28 July 2016, and further details and important dates can be found in the entry packs below.

2016 MQL Competition Form (Grey/Yellow)

2016 QLB Competition Form (Purple)