President’s Report – Cyll Duncan

I remember the first time I walked down the stairs at Sporties to Bootco, I wore the basic denim jeans and a black T-Shirt as I didn’t really own any leather. I was so scared of being treated like a […]

President’s message (by Joshua Hart)

Greetings Gentlemen Some of you may have noticed that I have been conspicuous by my absence over the past couple of months. I have discovered that, sometimes, as we get older the body lets us know that very fact! Last […]

President’s message

Greetings Men! It is hard to believe that our upcoming pub night Wrestle will mark six months (give or take a day or two) since the current management committee was elected and a notional half-way point in the committee’s term. […]

Leather journey – Joshua Hart

Leather journey – by Joshua Hart One of my earliest memories is from around the age of 11 and, coming from a larger family of 5 siblings, it was my task to clean all our school shoes each night. There […]

From the President – July 2015

Hello Brothers. Firstly it’s been a crazy month. Between all the events, life difficulties and challenges I’ve managed to keep one foot in front of the other. Lately it feels like there is very little time between anything and I’m […]