Hello Brothers!

It’s almost the end of the year and what a crazy one it has been. BootCo. has had a very successful year, although there is still a lot of work to be done.

People are still not getting their membership cards which is prompting the committee to consider options. In the mean time if you have not receive your card please let us know. We sent out a whole bunch of them in the mail that have never to be seen again – SInce then we have reprinted what we assume have gone missing and they will be kept at the front door of Pub Nights unless otherwise requested to be sent out. At the moment we are looking at digital options to solve this mess.

It’s been a difficult year for the committee this year. Max Maximus and James Tolcher recently stepped down off the committee due to time and changes in their lives and long time committee members Frank Croucher and Nathan Tremble have submitted resignations due to personal reasons. I’d like to thank those who were part of the 2015 committee for their work. However we have welcomed Kobi Cooke and Gary Woodhouse onto the committee filling casual vacancies.

Our recently revamped website also went crashing and burning into a flaming pile of poop right at the end of the year. I spent the last few days remaking a new site and it’s on a new server until we can clean the old one out. Please make sure you take a look at the new site 🙂