At Industrial Tinsel 2015 BootCo. one again donated back to the community giving over $4000 to various community programs and organizations. Below is an exert from the Treasurers December report.

Summary of the Grants / Donations that have been approved:
Happy Hampers for Happy Campers – $1000 Approved Money given
B Queer Film Festival – $250 – Approved Money Given – Presented at Industrial Tinsel
Gender Clinic – $500 –  Presented at Industrial Tinsel
MARS – $500 – Men Affected by Rape and Sexual Assault  – Presented at Industrial Tinsel
GLBTIQ Archives $350
QuAC $800 – Mental Health Awareness Campaign with additional Pledge of $500 to be given in May upon reports and discretion of the Boot Co committee
QPP – Money set aside to the value of up to $450 to buy a BBQ and Gas Bottle
$500 Pledge for additional support to QuAC for the mental heath awareness Campaign to be distributed in May pending the discretion of the committee.
Donation of $100 to the Mature age Men’s Club.

Totalling: $4450.00

The BootCo. Community Grants are giving away at Christmas each year and are decided on by the committee from submissions from the community.