Men of BootCo, there has recently been a change of guard on the BootCo. Committee.

Both Anthony Smith (President) and Cyll Duncan (Secretary) stepped down in early February due to personal commitments. We are sad to see them leave, and thank them for the countless hours of work that they invested to ensure our club grows from strength to strength.

Following a call out for interim Committee members in January, the BootCo. Committee are pleased to announce that Torren Adelle and Ari Frost have accepted Interim positions as regular committee members, and Kobi Cooke has stepped up into the role of Interim President.

Kobi brings a wealth of knowledge, enthusiasm, and organisational skills, having previously served for five years for the Community of Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Kobi is currently in his 8th year on the Committee of Brisbane Pride Festival, and his 7th year on the Committee of BootCo. During his tenure, both organisations have gone through great progress.

The role of Interim Secretary has been taken up by Timothy Roberts (Queensland Leather Boy 2015). David Eisentraut (MQL 2015) and Gary Woodhouse still sit as Committee Members and Benjamin Bullivant continues in the role of Treasurer.

The interim appointments will serve on the committee and organise our events until the Club’s Annual General Meeting in May, (in approx. 6 weeks), where all Committee Positions will be available to anyone who wishes to apply. In a short while, nomination forms and proxy voting forms will be issued to financial members for the 2016-17 BootCo committee. If you wish to nominate for a committee position or vote at the AGM, please ensure you have paid your membership dues up until May – the committee are more than happy to check the records for you if required.

We look forward to welcoming you to the Club’s AGM in May.