Pup Scout

MQL 2016

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate both Timothy Roberts and David Eisentraut for their amazing achievements as title holders for BootCo 2015. I would also like to acknowledge the hard work that two of my most awesome leather […]

Opinion – Rumors And Gossip

Brothers we all know how bullying can hurt and affect individuals and cause people to have pain from childhood, to what they experience in their adult life. Let’s be clear. We can all agree that bullying and harassment is wrong, […]

Pup Out – From Melbourne

Hey Puppies, handlers and others, I recently had a visit to Melbourne and for the first time, I stayed at the Laird. This is a great place not only to go out to, but to also stay at. The accommodation […]

News – Treasury Report January 2015

I am pleased to report to the membership that at the last Boot Co pub night – Industrial Tinsel that we finalized the grant program for 2014 and granted monies to 6 worth while programs within our diverse community. The […]