Don’t kink shame (by Andrew Goldberg)

I’ve been on both sides of this issue, being both the kink shamer and the person receiving the negative comments. When I first came onto the LGBIT scene, I discovered that we define each other by what we look like […]

Sounding Workshop – 7th October

Hey, guys want to learn about the art of sounding, BootCo. has invited a special guest from Newcastle, who has a wealth of experience in Sounding. Basic instruction will be provided, this workshop will be there fro the novice to […]

Rangers – Pub Night – A Tribute

A tribute to the Rangers Motor club, so get into your leathers, Denim or your MotorCycle Gear for a fun packed Boot Co Pub night… Get your picture taken on stage sitting on a motorbike. Rangers will be held at […]

News – BootCo. Pride Festival 2015

A contingency of BootCo. boys marched in the Pride Fair Rally on September 19. Marching from Ann St. to New Farm Park, we were strategically placed near those sexy men in their uniforms (The Police and EMS who were allowed […]

Feature – Looking For A Master

I get people asking me a lot about how to find a Master or Dom to own them. Usually they are learning about their kink and what makes them tick. I will normally suggest it’s better to explore and learn […]

Feature – Boot Youth – Young Turks

Many of our members may have heard about the special subsidiary group that BootCo is now running called Boot Youth. Boot Youth is designed as a group for younger men who may be just starting out on their kink journey […]

How To Eat Ass Like A Champ!

Ever wanted to learn how to eat ass like a champ? Well here are some great tips to point you in the right direct. I really need to trying the ‘chewing’ one to see if I need to add it […]

News – Fisting Event Round Up 2014

Wow – the Fisting 101 workshop was huge. Thanks to all those that attended – we know it was hot in that space with everyone crammed in, but from the feedback I have heard it was certainly worth it.