Many of our members may have heard about the special subsidiary group that BootCo is now running called Boot Youth. Boot Youth is designed as a group for younger men who may be just starting out on their kink journey and who may feel weary of attending BootCo.

I started Boot Youth for a number of reasons some of them based on my personal experiences as a young man into kink and leather. Some of you may empathise with younger kink men and the situation they find themselves in when exploring what elements of kink that excite and interest them.

It can be a daunting prospect when starting out as there are so many concepts and nuances to kink and fetish lifestyles. Ignorance of proper safe, sane and consensual practices, when indulging in a play session, can be exploited by unprincipled people.

Those people are only interested in satisfying their own pleasure at the expense of the safety of the younger less experienced participant. I have firsthand experience of this. When I was starting to explore my interest in kink I arranged to meet an older, apparently more experienced, man for a D/s role play session. One of the first things this man did was to place a leather hood on my head (since then I have always hated hoods), he then proceeded to douse a hanky in amyl and told me that it would slow my heart rate. Either he was a spectacular idiot or lied like an actor for a reason that doesn’t seem quite clear. I rapidly found out that amyl does not slow down the heart, in fact circumstances where so violently trending to the opposite side of the spectrum that it induced a panic attack which made me vomit quite a bit. I did not return for a follow up session.

It is experiences like this that I am keen to help other young men to avoid, by introducing them to other young men in a similar situation and a space where they can get accurate information about the ins and outs of kink play and fetish. I also want to introduce them to the great social space that is BootCo.

David Eisentraut

BootCo. Committee Member