Our club’s pub nights have continued their tradition of being highly sociable affairs, and rightly so.  The atmosphere generated by a group of like-minded men getting together in a non-hostile, welcoming environment is one which we cherish, and that we hope continues.

It is with some sadness then, that I learned that the shirt of our erstwhile boot black, “13”, had gone missing.  My understanding is that the shirt was a special one for 13, and had significant meaning in his life.  I would hate to think that someone has taken it, but at the moment, this would seem to be the case.  It reminded me of the fact that Nathan lost a leather shirt some time ago.  It was under the front counter, and subsequently vanished.  The shirt (which, as I’m sure you will be aware, cost quite a few dollars) was one that I had given him a couple of months earlier, and I was particularly displeased to learn that it had gone missing from reception on or after one of our pub nights.

Now, don’t get me wrong – if there is an article of clothing or some accoutrement of which you know the owner, and it appears that it will be inadvertently left behind, then I feel that it is your duty to point it out to its owner, or take it into “protective custody” until it can be returned to its owner.   This is the brotherly thing to do.  What is not brotherly, however, is taking an article and keeping it – this is theft, and is not what we expect of guys who attend our pub nights.  This is what I mean by “Hot” Property!

So, if it turns out that you have an item of property which is not yours, please do the brotherly thing and bring it in to one of our pub nights so that it can be reunited with its owner.  Believe me, you’ll feel all the better for doing so, and the rightful owner will be pleased to have it returned.

I really want to believe that we “Booters” are above larceny.  Of course, I can’t speak for those who come to our pub nights but are not members.  However, I would like to think that they have the same level of respect for our members as we have for each other – I wait to be convinced.

At the end of the day, what it amounts to is simply this – if it’s not yours, leave it the hell alone!  As I said earlier, if an item looks as though it’s going to be left behind, then by all means draw attention to the owner, or take it to them.  Similarly, if you see someone acting furtively, then alert one of your committee members to the fact so that steps can be taken to avoid an unpleasant occurrence.  I would really hate to have something of mine stolen on a pub night, or at any other Boot Co. function for that matter, and I also have the utmost respect for other peoples’ property – I hope you do too.

OK, enough belly-aching for now – I hope you all had a blast at Spit and Polish like I did, and I look forward to seeing you all at “Warrior” on April 4th.  Remember, the pub night theme is not compulsory, and you can wear pretty much whatever you like – except, of course, floral shirts etc.  Why not let out your inner beast and whip up some sort of costume?  Cloak and change facilities are always available at pub nights, so there’s no need to parade through the pub in your “party” gear.

So, until April 4th, stay safe and enjoy life.

Yours in Leather Brotherhood,

Frank Croucher,
Mr Qld Leather, 1999.