Here it is fellas! The purpose of the dress code, is to promote the central values of our club. If you make an effort to look as tho you belong in a male leather, denim, uniform or kink space, then you’ll be fine. Our goal is not to exclude anybody. We all have different kinks & should be free to express them in our own ways, that’s why BootCo hosts many different themed events all year long.

Fundamentally however, we are a Club built on Leather, Denim, Uniform & Kink.
The 4 dress code nights have been put in place to Highlight these values.
We understand that what we’ve come up with isn’t going to make everyone happy, but that’s just one of the perks of running a club as diverse & important to the community as BootCo!

Our members that don’t like pup play, don’t come to pup nights
Our members that don’t like jocks, don’t come to jock nights.
If you don’t like the code we’ve created, then no one is forcing you to come to these pub nights. (But we’d love it if you gave them a go!)

If you DO like the sound of what we’re trying to create, then we look forward to seeing you in your gear on our first dress code night, on April 7th!