Greeting Booters

It’s been a big year for our community. The pain of the postal survey campaign followed by the joy of the result and then the eventual wonderful passing of the same sex marriage laws. Boot Co has had a big year too with the most successful ever Leather Festival, a good profit year, several SGMs and the AGM at the beginning of this month bringing in a new committee, with some old and some new faces. We look to have a strong committee this year and I’m really looking forward to working together with them all to bring you great things. We’ve hit the ground running and already planning out the year ahead of events and activities for you, our members. I would like to particularly thank all of the outgoing committee for all of the great work they’ve done this year. I’d also like to thank you, our members, for continuing to support our association. Our last pub night, Industrial Tinsel, was a really great night enjoyed by all, and that means that it’s now almost Christmas and New Years time again. On behalf of the rest of the committee, I’d like to wish all of our members, our friends, our sponsors, and all of your extended families, a very merry, safe and awesome Christmas period and a wild and exciting New Years. We’ll see you all at the January pub night, Hot Summer Nights, and at the rest of our events throughout the year. Regards Darren Tracey President The Boot Co Brisbane