From time to time, one hears about bits of gear going missing at pub nights or other functions.  One such incident came to light recently when one of our members became parted from his Sam Brown belt.  The precise circumstances of how he came to take it off remain obscure, but the outcome is that someone decided to souvenir it, which is a polite way of saying, stole it.

To hear of this incident was, to say the least, distressing.  Most of you will be well appraised of the cost of buying leather (or other fetish) gear, even if it is from one of our leather flea markets.  Buying this is an investment in gear which is designed to last many years, as opposed to “regular” clothing which is designed to wear out (ie, become redundant).  Having made the initial significant investment, to then become separated from any piece of fetish gear causes distress, especially if the piece of gear was stolen.

Whilst I’m sure that any of our members encountering a piece of “stray” gear would do the right thing and hand it in to a committee member in order to facilitate its return to its rightful owner, the same may not be able to be said for the many non-members who attend our events.  It grieves me to think that there should be opportunity seekers taking wholesale advantage of a piece of disembodied fetish gear.  I would love to be assured that our members and visitors are better than that, and that anyone who finds themselves separated from one of their valued garments or accessories would soon be reunited with it due to the fine grace of our event attendees.

For the sake of all of our valued members, and also our non-members and visitors, please do the right thing and seek the return of any stray piece of gear you may encounter to its rightful owner.  We value the respect and integrity demonstrated by our members for each other and their gear – let’s make sure that our visitors share this also.  Please, if it’s not yours, then don’t take it!  If you find a piece of stray leather or other fetish gear, hand it in either to reception, or to our President (everybody knows Anthony), so that it can be reunited with its owner.

In the meantime, enjoy your leather (or whatever your particular fetish gear might be), and continue to enjoy the atmosphere that your club provides for you, and I’ll see you at the next pub night.

In Brotherhood,

Mr Qld Leather, 1999.

Frank Croucher