With summer finally in its final throes, it’s time for us to turn our attention to the cooler months of the year and with them, the chance to don more leather – bring it on!  After months of hot, humid and sweaty weather, the cooler months in the middle of the year come as a welcome change, and with them, opportunities to clad ones-self in much more cow hide.

The leather gear which, in summer, is unbearable to wear because it’s too damn hot, is able to make a welcome appearance again.  Naturally, some of it may require a little TLC – a bit of pampering with leather conditioner etc. – but in the main, it should be pretty much ready to go.  So, away go the shorts and out come the pants.   Away goes the tee shirt, and out comes the leather shirt – I’m sure you get the picture.  Of course, accessories like harnesses will always be in vogue, so let your hair down and unleash your inner beast.

Speaking of beasts, if pup play is your thing, then you are also catered to.  Currently, the pup play area is undergoing re-establishment following the refurbishment of the downstairs bar at Sporties, so keep a look out for that.

Of course, just because I’ve been talking about leather, let’s not forget that there are other fetishes as well.  So, if latex is more your bent, then go crazy!  Then there  are uniforms of all types as well.  And naturally, if none of the above takes your fancy, there’s always the minimalist approach.  What that all means is simply this – at Boot Co pub nights, even though we always have a theme, with few exceptions there is no requirement to comply with this.  The only draw the line at things like floral-print shirts and thongs (or flip-flops or jandals or whatever you choose to call them) – these are unacceptable.

So as you can probably gather, there is plenty of scope to submit to your wildest dreams when it comes to attire at Boot Co. – you are limited only by your wallet and your imagination.

And with that, I’ll close for this month, and look forward to seeing you at one of our pub nights, one of our major events (Corium is coming!), or one of our workshops.

Yours in Leather Brotherhood,

Frank Croucher,
Mr Qld Leather, 1999.