By Kobi Cooke

BootCo. is endeavouring to bring a collection of ‘First Time’ stories to you all. This month it’s committee member Kobi with his story of his first time wearing leather.

I can’t remember the date of my first time in Leather but I guess the journey started months before by a fuck buddy I had.

I initially met him when he was a hooker. I had a birthday present coming to me, and I met Michael who ended up as my present. We kept in touch and spent a lot of time together as friends with benefits.

One evening, we were suitable trashed and eating at our favourite restaurant just around the corner, named Fish Face which was weekly journey for us. Michael told me he had always wanted to do something to me, and I said yes without actually knowing details.

Next thing he whirled me back to his place where he buzzed my hair to a zero blade length and then he dressed me in leather for my very first time.

That evening while in the leathers I met some guys and a few months later, moved to the United States to be with them where I ended up living for nine years.

This lead to amazing experiences and times. Get into Leather – You never know where you’ll end up.

Kobi Cooke
Mr Leather Bear 2011