By 13 Bootblack

If you have never experienced your boots being shined by a bootblack then you are going to be in for a unique experience. The first thing you need to do when getting into my chair is to let me know so that way I may take some extra time with you and your leather to answer any questions you may have about bootblacking to ensure that it is not your first and only experience. Also be prepared for me to ring a bell to announce to the crowd that I have a first-timer in my chair

Bootblacking can mean different things for each bootblack. For some bootblacks, it is purely erotic endeavour and whilst for others, it can nourish their desire to serve. Some bootblacks may be connected to the more technical aspects and are focused on producing a shine that any bootblack would be proud of, whilst for other bootblacks it is more about them entering a subspace and providing a great service in the care they give.

Bootblacking can also be about a social connection as the person in the chair and I engage in conversation and swap stories. For this bootblack, it may be any one of these, or a combination of them.

Regardless I will massage your boots whilst looking up at you from my knees. Perhaps we will talk, or maybe we will sit in silence. Usually I will take cues from you and find meaning in the eye contact we share. If you wish to manipulate the power exchange and demonstrate your stoicism by ignoring me, I will simply connect with the leather and worship it with my hands.

This is one of the unique aspects of bootblacking. Although perceived very much as a submissive role, there is a unique power exchange that occurs, for when you place your boots before me to shine, you are entering my world. This may lead to an erotic bootblacking scene, or it may not, and this can occur for any number of reasons.

Whatever direction your bootblacking experience may take, it is important to recognise it as a scene in itself, and as such there is etiquette and expected codes of behaviours.

When I am kneeling before you it is much like any other scene. The moment you sit in my chair, the environment around us fades away as my focus becomes only on you as I demonstrate my care for both you and your leather.

But it is hard not to be amazed how common it is to have people to come up, interrupt a scene and start a conversation with me or act in a way that they would never do in any other scene. Usually though it is because they have never have experienced a bootblacking scene, so it is difficult for them to understand what is taking place in that exchange.

The best way for you to gain an insight is to treat yourself by jumping into my chair. To give somebody his or her first bootblacking is an honour for any bootblack, so please make sure you let me know.

Also, remember to use common courtesy, A please and a thank you goes a long way. I have worked hard to kneel before you.

In terms of gratuities, if you are a current BootCo. Member then common courtesy is all that is needed. If you are a non-member we can negotiate a price but a lack of funds should never prevent you from experiencing a bootblacking session. Everything is negotiable.

If you are inclined to offer a payment, a donation to BootCo. Is always welcomed.

Bootblacking is available on most monthly pub nights between the hours of 8.30 pm – 12 – 30 pm. To reserve your place on the night, please place your name on the blackboard. This May pub night will be your last chance to have your boots blacked before I compete in the International Mr Bootblack Competition.