Suds, sun and swimwear were the theme as kinksters volunteered their time, and showed their support for the BootCo. Leather, Denim and Uniform Club car wash on Saturday 31st January.

As Queenslanders were washing a new state government in, BootCo, Leather, Denim and Uniform Club members and volunteers washing the cars of our fellow kinksters to help raise funds for the BootCo. International Man of Leather (IML) Travel Fund.

The suds, sun, and your overwhelming support really got our boys lathered in a sweat. A total of twenty cars, two motorcycles plus one scooter meant that there was just as much soap action outside in the car park of Number 29, McLachlan Street, than inside of one of their infamous foam parties. You helped us raise an amazing $315.00!

We would also like to acknowledge an additional $100.00 donation from a generous and anonymous benefactor through our President.  A big thanks … to whoever you are.  This brings the total raised for the event to $415.00. Your generosity will help Mr Queensland Leather, Maximus and Mr Queensland Leatherboy, 13, represent BootCo in the International Man of Leather and International Boot Black Competitions this May in Chicago.

In addition to thanking you; our supporters, special mention needs to be given to all those that volunteered their time including our President, Mr Anthony Smith, Kobi, pupben, Alan, Corey, Frank, James, Cyll, Michael, David,  Nathan and Nathan T.

Acknowledgement must also be given Blair Martin and Jonathan Waters at 4ZZZ Queer Radio whose continued support contributed to the day’s outstanding success.

A big thank you must also go to Deeje Hancock & Brenton at No.29 for their continued support of BootCo and for the use of their car park and water!

Finally we must offer an apology needs to go to the lady who car we had to knock back as she was running late to her two-hour pole dancing class and could not find a park. We do hope you ended up getting something between your legs.

Car Wash In March! Keep those cars dirty and stay tuned to 4ZZZ Queer Radio, or check to Facebook for further information.