Not going to Sydney this year? Come downstairs at The Sportsman Hotel instead for BootCo Mardi Gras. Show your pride locally by having a good time with kinksters in Brisbane in your favourite fetish gear.

As always at BootCo feel free to wear your favourite leather, rubber or fetish outfit, all kinks are welcome. If you don’t own any fetish clothing, jeans and a dark tee will help you blend with the Bootco vibe.

We’ve got DJ Sweaty Baby returning to give us great music and good vibes for the whole night!

BootCo members can use their code to unlock the special $5 members ticket. Get your tickets in our links or head to to sign up for membership & earn discounts at your favourite gay venues and retailers. 

*Trans men are men! BootCo welcomes anyone who identifies as male

*There will be no BootU for this event