Hey guys,

I know a few of you are wondering what is coming up in 2020 for Bootco pub nights. Next year we will be moving away from monthly themes, instead, we will have five nights with dress codes based on the event. The remaining seven nights will he Bootco in the Bunker and we will be asking you to show your kink/fetish or interest but without a theme or code.

We also have our 30th-year celebrations, Corium and other special events we will announce.

Dec 7th 2019 – Christmas in the Bunker
Jan 4th 2020- Bootco in the Bunker
Feb 1st – Stomp (Boots theme)
Mar 7th – Bootco in the Bunker
Apr 4th – Bootco in the Bunker
May 2nd – Hoods and Harness
Jun 6th – Bootco in the Bunker
Jul 4th – Hell for Leather
Aug 1st – Bootco in the Bunker
Sept 5th – Tom’s Bar
Oct 3rd – Jocktober
Nov 7th – Bootco in the Bunker (my birthday yay)
Dec 5th – Christmas in the Bunker

And watch out for the return of the Bootco Naked & Jockstrap Car Wash…

Cyll Duncan

President of BootCo