Aug 31st -> Sept 9th Leather Festival 2018 (LF2018)

Posted on: May 20, 2018 at 8:37 am

This is the biggest event under the sun for Boot Co, come and join us for a bunch of events starting with Balls out bingo on the 31st, workshops during the week and to cap the excitement off CORIUM 2018 on Saturday 8th September followed by a wind down BBQ at 29 the following day.

Events will be listed shortly and tickets available soon as well.


BootCo. provides a forum for men interested in collecting, wearing, or displaying Uniforms, Leather and Denim or participating in kink activities, in a social atmosphere with a view to providing community service through fund-raising and community development.

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Regular Pub Nights: A monthly pub night on the first Saturday of each month at Nelies Bar, Sportsman Hotel, 130 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill Qld 4000.

We also hold special events like Corium, Kink related workshops and special events. Please check our events listing for more information.