News – 2015 BootCo. Queensland Title Winners Announced

Posted on: September 15, 2015 at 11:51 pm

Bootco. is proud to announce the winner of Mr Queensland Leather 2015 David Eisentraut. David has worked hard over the last few years in the community and on the BootCo. committee, and impressed both the judges and the crowd with his heart felt speeches on the night.

Mr Queensland leather 2014 Max Maximus handed over the sash to David at Corium 2015 – which was a huge success and a big night.

Also competing for MQL 2015 were Benjamin Bullivant, Gary Woodhouse and Darryn Skelly – all of whom did well, with the final scores being tight.

Also on the night was the finals for Queensland Leather Boy 2015 – which saw Timothy Roberts taking the title. Tim has worked hard behind the scenes as the BootCo. Historian, also recently joining the committee and helping out at fundraising events.

Fellow competitors for QLB 2015 were Jeremy Walton, James Tolcher, Mark Stace, Leo Bautista and Jonathan Waters.

Judges for the competition were 13BootBlack (QLB 2014), Joshua Heart, Phil Brown and Khalid with three judges on QLB and three on MQL respectively.

Also taking their trophies for the night were Phillip Maddock (Lucky Pup) who took out Queensland Leather Pup and Phillip Kendal took out Queensland Leather Daddy.

The party then continued on until the wee hours of the morning.

BootCo. would like to thank all it’s sponsor who make it possible to put on events like this. Our major sponsor Lucrezia & De Sade who have been incredibly supportive and generous, as well as Spunk’d Adult and Fetish, Black Rabbit Premium Leather, Camp-it, Nak.ED, Army of Men, STFUmedia, 13BootBlack, Pierre Brand, Sportsmans Hotel, Brunswick Hotel and of course – Number 29 Cruise Club.

Photos by Rod Sydney and Richard Fraser


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