News – 2015 BootCo. AGM Roundup

Posted on: July 15, 2015 at 1:01 pm

The BootCo. 2015 AGM went off with a bang – with almost 40 people attending the event to vote in the new committee and shape the future of the club.

BootCo. had a very good 12 months financially, with large numbers attending events, high membership rates and lots of interest in the club.

Cyll Duncan returned as Secretary, Ben Bullivant was voted in as Treasurer (a role which he stepped into temporarily) and Anthony Smith returned as President.

Voting for the committee members was tense with seven people standing for six positions. Unfortunately long time committee member Kobi Cooke didn’t make it in this year, and the current committee would like to take the time to thank him for all his hard work he has put into the club.

In the end Frank Croucher, Nathan Tremble and David Eisentraut returned, while Max Mackenzie (Mr QLD Leather), Timothy Roberts and James Tolcher were voted in as new committee members.

The changes to the constitution and general tiding up were voted in block successfully.

All up the club welcomes all it’s new committee and looks forward to the work they are going to put in over the next twelve months.


BootCo. provides a forum for men interested in collecting, wearing, or displaying Uniforms, Leather and Denim or participating in kink activities, in a social atmosphere with a view to providing community service through fund-raising and community development.

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Regular Pub Nights: A monthly pub night on the first Saturday of each month at Nelies Bar, Sportsman Hotel, 130 Leichhardt Street, Spring Hill Qld 4000.

We also hold special events like Corium, Kink related workshops and special events. Please check our events listing for more information.